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    Walk In Wonderland

    6 Secrets To Creating The Perfect Custom Wardrobes
    Wyndham design director and founder Richard Thomas explains what to consider when creating your dream wardrobe space.

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    Keylex Unlocks Staff Room Access at Weston’s New College

    Keylex mechanical digital locks have been installed on the doors of the staff rooms and the first aid room at the new North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College campus, just completed by main contractor BAM Construction. The locks were supplied by Relcross via IRM of Yate, near Bristol.

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    Lining Systems – The importance of Fabrication

    By R D Mantle FIoR
    Managing Director of Ampteam Limited

    Sometimes a spark of clarity will result in a “eureka” or “light bulb” moment and an idea will evolve into a unique product.

    I don’t know how many people get such moments but it is certainly not uncommon as it is one of the things that makes us Human, our inventiveness!

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    Are you are thinking of creating an open plan space in your home?

    The newly launched OpenPlanned.org website is a free source of inspiration, information, and expertise for everyone from homeowners to property developers who want to build open-plan homes.

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    O2 Arena

    For over 2 years The Management of the O2 arena has been diligently testing and appraising the virtues of Floodcheck®.

    We are pleased to announce that they have decided that the ‘tried and tested’ Floodcheck® Auto model is the right choice.

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    Electric Heaters at Great Prices

    Electric Radiators Direct, are the UK’s foremost supplier of electric radiators and heaters. The business is built around great customer service and fantastic prices throughout the year.

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    Going Green for 2016

    A new year always feels like a blank canvas, an opportunity to make some real changes to our lives. Whether you want to exercise more, take up a new hobby or even changing your career. There are always opportunity for improvement in our lives, from how we work and live. It’s always important to take care of yourself and to strive for happiness, and by making certain changes we get closer to reaching those goals.

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    The Sudstech patented porous paving system is capable of processing up to 50,000 litres of rain water, per meter per hour. Resin bound surfaces are traditionally installed on top of a sub base of either concrete or tarmac making them prone to clogging and damage from extremes in temperature such as freezing. Sudstech’s patented recycled rubber sub base is installed directly on to a prepared ground works of type 3 aggregate, followed by an attractive wearing top course of resin bound stone.

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    Trailflex uses recycled car tyres and stone bound with polyurethane resin to create one of the greenest paving solutions on the market today. Installed using a simple, single pour process, the resulting surface is uniquely flexible to 90 degrees to resist tree root intrusion. Trailflex will not clog and requires virtually no maintenance, ensuring, fast and efficient drainage of rainwater and the replenishment of groundwater allowing surrounding trees and plants to thrive.

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    Sophisticated ventilated rainscreen glass cladding

    The Airtec Glass system from Lithodecor combines the unique qualities of glass with the innovative technology of a ventilated rainscreen façade. The extremely resistant composite panels, which can be up to 32mm thick, consist of toughened safety glass bonded to a lightweight concrete carrier. The glass cladding can be used for striking effect as the panes of toughened safety glass are available in numerous attractive colours and can even carry customised printing.

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    Floorless Floors – Sheer Brilliance

    Floorless Floors is a specialist supplier of high gloss laminate flooring. The major benefit of a shiny high-gloss laminate is that it really does add a ‘wow’ factor to any room with a stylish, luxurious and modern finish. With some colours you can even see a direct reflection of yourself, almost as if you are looking into water!

    Most brands on the market that sell gloss laminate flooring, simply add a slight shine on the finish and pass this off as ‘Gloss Finish’. At best it is a dull shine that doesn’t look like anything spectacular.

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    Hochiki Europe

    Hochiki Europe is the leading manufacturer of innovative life safety solutions for commercial applications, including public sector, hospitality, healthcare and education environments. Its fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.

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    Lamda Awnings ltd

    Awnings or outdoor shading systems are more than a sun or rain protector, awnings add style and they should be designed carefully to suit each site or location, when designing a patio or café, restaurant outdoor seating area, you should take on consideration the shading system can be used.

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    It’s been decades since the bedroom has seen any major advances in bedroom furniture….until now that is. Levitas’ magical levitating bed is shaping the future of bedroom design by creating the ultimate ‘atmosphere and space’ by lifting the bed off the floor. This contemporary, elegant piece of furniture will transform the look of any bedroom and inject a sense of adventure and fun back into the bedroom.

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    JIS Europe

    JIS Europe has manufactured a new accessory for extra towel hanging space. The ideal solution when family or extra guests arrive, increasing the number of towels to be placed on the existing towel rail. The new accessory is also ideal for airing towels, freeing the main towel rail to emit as much heat as possible.

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