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High Performance, Sustainable Roofing From Lindab

Seamline from Lindab is a high performance and sustainable standing seam roofing system that offers; an impressively low carbon footprint, minimal thermal movement, resistance to corrosion, is virtually maintenance free and long lasting and at the end of its serviceable life, can be fully recycled.

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EtherWAN – a leading manufacturer specialising in DIN mounted active Ethernet equipment.

EtherWAN are a leading manufacturer specialising in DIN mounted active Ethernet equipment for harsh environments. The EtherWan range is available from Minitran and includes Media Converters & Switches. Designed for functional operation at low & high temperatures, ranging from -40°C up to 80°C. Whether on a factory floor or in an external IP rated enclosure for outside use, the EtherWAN range will provide flawless communication when you need it most.

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RigiSystems Introduces Rainscreen Panel Range

RigiSystems has developed a range of rainscreen cladding panels, using Alubond ACM.

RigiSystems has the exclusive rights to distribute Alubond products throughout the UK and France, and the new range of rainscreen panels offers unlimited opportunities for creative, innovative and individual designs, using the wide palette of colours and finishes available.

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Brightwood Flooring And Granwax Bring Burton Joyce Hall Back To Life

Burton Joyce Village Hall was first built in 1923 and over the years has been used for a variety of purposes, including a school for local children.  It is now an integral part of the community and is used on a daily basis for dancing classes, social gatherings and even weddings.

However, this increased use of the hall was starting to take its toll, especially on its maple wood floor.  Despite regular cleaning, the rise in footfall was having a negative effect, with protective seals being worn away on a daily basis leaving the floor looking tired and worn.

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Stovax And Gazco Turn Up The Heat

For many, stoking up the woodburner or switching on the gas fire was an optional extra – a way of adding an ambient focal point when the family come to visit or making the home cosy on those wintry and grey days. Not so now. Today, the function of a fire or stove in a typical British home is one vital to creating warmth and atmosphere; an essential component of a heating system from which we demand not only high performance and efficiency but cost effectiveness and quality design. Today’s home maker wants top results for their money.

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