Traditional flat roofs have long been the bane of the building industry. They are slow to install requiring three layers of roofing felt with each having to be sealed and finished with messy hot tar.The finished roof is extremely heavy, adding deadweight to the roofing timbers causing dips in the ply or chipboard which causes ponding after rain adding more weight and possible damage. So no wonder a felt roof can leak after just a few years.

But now bespoke building and refurbishment company, Oakland Projects, has introduced a new concept in flat roofing. Working with manufacturers and trusted clients the company has developed the most modern approach to the problem, while adding a little light to the subject.

Paul Sundborg, Operations Director of Oakland Projects, explained. “We have been installing super light yet extremely strong fibreglass flat roof structures that are so reliable and leak free that we can also fit them with attractive skylights providing an extra ambience to an otherwise plain roof setting.

Oakland Projects Roofing Pic 1

“Fibreglass roofs can be quickly and cleanly installed by our experienced fitters in much less time than traditional but old fashioned felters. But even more important is the load bearing weight. Where a felted roof area would have a load weight of say 1.5 tons the equivalent weight of a 3mm fibreglass roof installed by our roofers is just 80kg, (176lb). These roofs have been tried and tested by us. We believe they are the modern way forward in flat roofing design and technology,” he added.

Fibreglass roofs can be fitted with frameless skylights to create a fresh, light feel to any area. Lightweight powder coated aluminium roof lanterns use the latest silicone bonding techniques, as well as rapid fitting, with sizes up to 4m by 2m being available. The glazing is self clean with a low U value (1) and a 20 year non leak warranty. Tried and proved by Oakland Projects the skylights offer minimum joints and bars with a maximum glazed area.

Oakland Projects Roofing Pic 2

With over 25 years’ practical experience, covering all market sectors, Oakland Projects has the benefit of a nationwide labour force. The company specialises in luxury construction, fit-outs, upgrades, extensions and refurbishment programmes with a realistic work schedule for all clients.

Oakland Projects recently launched its new website which showcases the company’s luxury building company’s impressive range of services, including bespoke shop fitting contracts. You can now view the company at www.oaklandprojects.co.uk or email info@oaklandprojects.co.uk and follow us on Twitter @OaklandPaul.