A unique and innovative domestic lift by UK manufacturer Stiltz Lifts is helping people stay in their homes for longer when the stairs become too much.

Having a lift installed in a home was once a new concept but the Stiltz Lift has become an ideal and surprisingly affordable alternative to the traditional stairlift.

One of Stiltz’s founders, Lachlan Faulkner, said: “Our lifts are engineered by a very experienced team to provide home access for those in need of a safe, discreet and compact alternative to a stairlift. We are proud to have helped many people stay safely in the home they love for longer at an affordable price.”

The main advantage of Stiltz’s range of domestic lifts, which includes the Duo and Trio, is that they can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home. This is because they are not powered by hydraulics or need to be fixed to walls or floors.

Powered by an electric motor system which is housed out of view at the top of the lift, the Stiltz Lift simply plugs straight into a normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance, delivering flawless performance. The lifts also require no hard wiring or additional external power packs.

Stiltz’s exclusive dual rail technology creates a self-supporting structure so no extra weight burden is added to the home. Unlike noisy hydraulic-powered conventional lifts, the Stiltz Lift requires minimal building work and can take just one day to install.

With one of the smallest footprints of any domestic lift on the market covering just 0.62 m2 surface area, the lift is very quiet on ascent and descent. The Stiltz Lift will most commonly travel between a downstairs room such as a hallway or living room and arrive in a bedroom or on the landing but there are countless permutations for the product.

The manufacturer can use the dead space within a turning staircase to fit the lift or install it in an airing cupboard or wardrobe on both floors. It can also be situated so that it allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift or the lift can be fitted as a free standing application.

Unlike a stairlift, the Stiltz Duo Lift can comfortably carry two people and the larger version of the same model, the Trio, can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair and is perfect for users with walking frames. The Stiltz Lift has enabled people such as and James and Helen Stewart to stay in the cottage they have shared together in Ipswich for years and even added value to their property.

Mr Stewart, 74, said: ‘My wife has multiple disabilities with her hips and knees and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to climb the stairs. We found Stiltz online and the lift is perfect – worth every penny. It has meant we haven’t needed to sell our home and it has empowered by wife to be able to move around our house independently.”

John Edwards, 69, from London, who suffers from multiple sclerosis decided on a home lift because a stairlift was not an option for him. He said: “My wife and I rejected the idea of stairlifts because the track in particular does nothing to enhance appearance of stairs and the seats themselves are generally unattractive. We also felt that riding a stairlift somehow undermines the user’s dignity. We decided on a Stiltz Lift because of its elegance and unobtrusive character.”

Most commonly used by senior citizens, the Stiltz Lift has also helped other people such as Peter Jackson, 47, from Wigan, who had a Stiltz Trio Lift fitted for his disabled daughter, Imogen, 4. He added: “The Stiltz Lift has made a massive difference to our lives and made life easier for Imogen.”

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