Bio-ethanol changing fire industry

The rise of bio-ethanol is driving a revolution in the design of fires, according to leading interior and exterior heating designers Smart Fire UK

The design and convenience of these devices rather than the need for smoke extraction and heat loss through chimneys, allows greater aesthetic scope.

The bio-ethanol fires have proved popular with new build properties as well as buildings with no access to a traditional chimney or flu.

The rise of this alternative fuel has allowed an expansion in the design and potential locations of fires.

Smart Fire UK works with brands such as Ecosmartfire, one of the UK’s top developers of sustainable indoor heating solutions.

Bio-ethanol is a clean burning flammable liquid and is responsibly sourced from agriculture.

For Paul Holt, Business Manager at Smart Fire UK, the popularity of bio-ethanol is also down to its money-saving potential.

He said: “Bio-ethanol allows people to have a cost-effective greener alternative to traditional fuels.

Eco Smart Vision Model Jacksons Landing 1

“Additionally you are able to install them virtually anywhere without the need to design a chimney or flu, again saving a large amount of money.

“They have also proved extremely popular with many of the country’s top interior designers.”

Paul continued: “We have worked with big names such as Helen Green as well as Hill House and Chesney’s, stretching the boundaries of what is possible with fires.

“We have designed fires for outdoor spaces as well inside fountains and even in swimming pools. As long as we deem the design to be safe, the possibilities are endless.”