Floorless Floors – Sheer Brilliance

Floorless Floors is a specialist supplier of high gloss laminate flooring. The major benefit of a shiny high-gloss laminate is that it really does add a ‘wow’ factor to any room with a stylish, luxurious and modern finish. With some colours you can even see a direct reflection of yourself, almost as if you are looking into water!

Most brands on the market that sell gloss laminate flooring, simply add a slight shine on the finish and pass this off as ‘Gloss Finish’. At best it is a dull shine that doesn’t look like anything spectacular.

The most commonly asked question is ‘Does the flooring scratch easily?’ Nobody wants a floor that is full of scrapes but you must remember that any surface of a gloss layer is going to be prone to abrasions. That said, if relevant precautions are taken such as using rubber pads for metal legged furniture, taking shoes off before walking on the laminate and not dropping sharp objects on the surface then the laminate will last for years to come. In fact, the floor does not require refinishing in the same way as hardwood and so is cheaper and easier to maintain, while at the same time being more economical. The shiny surface does not fade over time and is easily cleaned using a steam mop.

Plus, the floor is laid down easily using the simple glue-less Unilin click fit system.

Of the range of 8 colours that Floorless Floors supply, 3 colours really stand out.

1. Stripes – Ultra modern and contemporary. This is an amazing and must-have colour, which will create a guaranteed talking point in your home. Stripes add depth and dimension to a room while remaining completely versatile. Whether you desire an elegant and traditional style or a bold, fun, and fresh finish, the floor will complement any design scheme.


2. White – Really adds a luxurious and opulent dimension to any interior. Another advantage is its reflective quality, which as well as creating light, opens a room up making it feel much grander. Although it is very popular colour it can be difficult to find and expensive in any ranges where it is available.


3. Ivory – the unique grey colour provides a sophisticated finish with the aesthetic of classic wood in this season’s must have colour scheme. Grey tones offer a timeless choice, which can be easily incorporated into any design brief without competing for attention or clashing with other furnishings and patterns.


At a retail price starting from £12.50/sqm, no other brand even comes close to this price range. Typically in high street DIY stores the price of high gloss laminate starts at £25/m².

– Is this laminate flooring value for money? YES!

– Does this laminate flooring give a high quality finish? YES!

– Would this flooring be a talking point for visitors to your home? ABSOLUTELY!

Floorless Floors are exclusively offering Design Buy Build readers 15% off all orders. Please use discount code DBB15 when calling or ordering over the website.

Website – www.highglossflooring.com

01494 571 514

4A Corporation Street , High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 6TQ

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