RENSON louvre panels for student accommodations in London

A good air quality is crucial for students to keep the focus during studying, in the end achieving better results. Therefore, all 419 student rooms of the project Paul St. East (Shoreditch, London) of full building envelope contractor FK Construction feature their own ventilation unit.

The duct of the system is connected to a specially developed RENSON louvre panel solution on top of every window in the building.

For this application in 12-24 Paul Street, the project team of RENSON Fabrications Ltd. developed a special solution, which combines a glazed-in louvre panel type 414 with a 150 mm thick insulation panel to the rear with duct plenum. For accurate connection of the ventilation duct, the insulation panel was equipped with a duct opening during assembly for on-site connection.

When no duct needs to be connected, the insulating back panel was installed fully closed, providing the required thermal resistance. “We were looking for a specific solution for this application and RENSON Fabrication Ltd. was able to develop and manufacture a customised solution for us,” says Sean Keenan at FK Construction.

“By integrating these glazed-in louvre panels with special insulation on every window of a building, we could not only take care of ventilation and thermal resistance, but also add an additional architectural dimension to the façade of the building.”

UK-based manufacturer RENSON Fabrications Ltd., with production facility in Maidstone, develops and manufactures a wide range of products and systems, including window ventilators, louvres and continuous louvre systems. The company provides standard as well as customised solutions to the construction market.

“We offer architects, specifiers, developers, fabricators and installers a wide range of innovative systems, taking into account not only the ventilation and/or sun protection features, but also other aspects, such as thermal resistance and acoustic performance,” says Patrick Vandenbogaerde at RENSON.

“For various applications in the UK, the project team of RENSON has been developing special ventilation solutions with louvre panels, combined with options, such as dampers or an insulation panel on the rear. By integrating e.g. glazed-in louvre panels with special details, architects and installers take care of the necessary supply of fresh air, adding an architectural accent to the building.”

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