How Oakland Projects Helped To Put The Spring Back Into ViSpring

Luxury building firm Oakland Projects recently helped to put back the Spring back into ViSpring, the company that is renowned as the world’s leading mattress and bed supplier. ViSpring has just completed a major rebranding complete with a new logo which will help take the premier bed company into orbit.

As part of the rebranding one important task was the complete refitting of ViSpring’s retail display area situated in the basement section of And So To Bed at its flagship outlet in Chelsea, central London. And So to Bed is a prestigious slumber specialist with over 30 stores throughout the UK.

As the Kings Road outlet is open seven days a week it was important that the refurbishment project be completed with the minimum disruption and within the shortest period possible. To achieve its aims ViSpring called in London based Oakland Projects, a company that has worked closely with both ViSpring and And So to Bed over the past five years.

Just six weeks was allowed for the completion of the project, which included demolition of interior walls and ceilings and the stripping out of all electrical wiring, the installation of new walls, ceilings, wiring, flooring and decoration, all to be completed as quietly as possible so as not to disturb customers  overhead.

The 3,000 sq ft area was fitted out with new plasterboard ceiling and walls finished in white and two-tone grey while the floor was completed using bleached oak. A hi tech lighting system was also installed with new graphics and light boxes with dimmable lighting schemes to match the 16 bed themes,  which included light new fabrics.

The work was completed on time for the new launch for the rebranding of the ViSpring company name and new logo to confirm the company’s position as the number one luxury bed and mattress supplier in the world with beds costing anything from £3,000 to £80,000. The new display area now features 16 bed displays with new beds, mattresses, fabrics, head boards and divan bases with ambient lighting designed to make customers feel at home.

With nearly 30 years’ practical experience, covering all market sectors, Oakland Projects has the benefit of a nationwide labour force. The company specialises in luxury construction, fit-outs, upgrades, extensions and refurbishment programmes with a realistic work schedule for all clients.

Oakland Projects now features a new website which showcases the company’s luxury building company’s impressive range of services, including bespoke shop fitting contracts. You can now view the company at or email