Airflow and HVAC Maintenance

Airflow is the single most critical element in the correct operation of ALL air heating and cooling systems. Yet most systems do not have the correct airflow.

Highly qualified engineers are wasting hours on the environmentally unfriendly, chemical cleaning of coil fins instead of fine tuning and balancing the sensitive air handling systems they are trained to maintain.

In most regions of the UK, pollen is a major contributor to the fouling of cooling equipment. This, combined with general debris caused by foliage, refuse and other airborne particulates, can have a significant impact upon the day-to-day running of the equipment.

It has always been difficult to add filtration to cooling equipment (air and water cooled), small condensers and cooling towers. Until now. RABScreen external filters now provide a solution to air intake debris, contaminated coils and clogged cooling tower sumps.

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