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    Greenworks and Gibbs & Dandy Simplify Compliance and Reduce Fabric Costs for AWJ Usher & Sons

    The Building Contractor AWJ Usher & Sons was in need of some support to ensure compliance with the Part L1A fabric target and found a simplified process through Greenworks.

    Mike Usher, director of AWJ Usher and Sons was in search of a solution that would take the headache out of meeting the TFEE (target fabric energy efficiency) rating, implemented in the 2013 Building Regulations and found his remedy through his local Gibbs & Dandy sales representative.

    Mike said: “Both myself and the architect were unsure about how to comply with the fabric target and Gibbs& Dandy provided a solution that helped me to achieve my bespoke design goals.”

    Gibbs & Dandy has recently partnered with its sister brand Greenworks to ensure compliance and construction goes hand in hand, enabling contractors like Mike, along with architects, developers and self-builders to have a smooth build process from design to completion.

    “My desire was to produce a bespoke build, which we could have easily designed using our own choice of materials, but this wouldn’t have been as cost effective as working with Greenworks and Gibbs & Dandy.” Mike commented.

    The Greenworks FSAP software has been integrated with thousands of SAP compliant products, ensuring builders can comply with building regulations, using their preferred build method at the lowest practical cost.

    Mike added: “The generic SAP software requires a lot of desktop hours to apply product. This time consuming activity was eliminated through Greenworks, as they provided both the architect and I a site support pack, which has been decoded by product for my specific build specification. The pack also  contained other helpful documents like the air test guidance/sign off sheets.”

    A bespoke compliance report is provided with each Greenworks SAP assessment, providing the exact product solutions required in order to reduce risk and build in-line with regulation targets.

    As well as saving AWJ Usher & Sons time at the design stage of the build process, the Greenworks SAP assessment also allowed the contracting company to save costs on fabric and alter the heating system from an oil boiler to an air source heat pump. This revision has decreased the environmental impact of the property, whilst resulting in lower heating bills for the end user.

    Mike continues: “Working with Greenworks allowed me to invest more of my budget on the internal works within the build, such as underfloor heating and the kitchen and bathroom suites, whilst maintaining my desired 100mm cavities and exceeding compliance targets with my DFEE (designed fabric energy efficiency) rating.

    “The partnership with Gibbs & Dandy also meant that material procurement and supply in accordance with my SAP product spec was simple, and I knew that my as-built energy performance rating would be the same as my as-designed, reducing any risk of non compliance due to material alterations”

    Marcus Jefford, Commercial Director at Greenworks commented: “Our partnership with Gibbs & Dandy means we can provide end to end support from compliance support at the design stage, to material estimation, supply and final testing post construction.”

    To find out more about the Greenworks compliance services visit www.greenworks.co.uk

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