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    The Lifton Home Lift is a stylish and luxurious home lift and a perfect addition for your design and build project.

    Whether you plan to include the lift in a new build or add it in as part of an extensive house renovation, the LiftonDUO by the Stiltz Home Lifts Group, is the ultimate upgrade for any home.

    This eye-catching lifestyle product is aimed at homeowners who are looking to enhance their home environment with a solution that provides an easier way of moving from floor to floor at the press of a button.

    With new build or renovation projects typically running into many thousands of pounds, it is highly unlikely that a homeowner will want to move house anytime soon once all the work has been completed.

    Therefore, many clients commissioning new builds or renovations are now looking to ‘future proof’ their properties for later life when the stairs might become a challenge for them. This is one of the reasons why domestic lifts have increased in popularity so rapidly over the years.

    Lifton Home Lifts offer homeowners an opportunity to live a full life in the beautiful home they have spent so much time, effort and money creating. The added advantage of the Lifton Home Lift is not just its spectacular looks; it is the easiest home lift to install on the market, typically taking just one day for the Lifton team to install.

    The Lifton domestic lift is manufactured by home lift specialist Stiltz, who also sell their home lifts in the USA as well as worldwide. It is very flexible and can fit discreetly into small spaces or room corners as well as being located in the stairwell, a galleried landing or even a cupboard. The Lifton Home Lift also looks great positioned centre stage.

    The lift travels on unobtrusive and elegant self-supporting stilts using discreet wire rope hoists that guide the lift safely and quietly. No load bearing walls are required.

    With a tiny footprint of less than a square metre, Lifton domestic lifts can beautifully complement any room or décor and allow the end user to maximise their valuable floor space.

    The home lift’s integrated drive system is neatly concealed in the lift roof space, no additional motors or machinery is needed. It uses a standard domestic power socket. Two small remote controls are included with the lift to call the lift at any time, from either floor.

    Safety sensors fitted above and below the lift car detect obstructions and smoothly stop the car. It also features attractive contemporary LED lights at the top and bottom of the car for ease of use at night.

    For more information contact Lifton on 0808 250 4739 or visit www.lifton.co.uk