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    Inventor of the first-ever oscillating multi-tool, FEIN has once again revolutionised the market with its unique anti-vibration technology and the introduction of the Starlock mounting system across its entire oscillating power tool range, enabling accessory changes in less than three seconds.

    Vibration through power tools can be a real concern for professional users who operate them day-in day-out. Excess exposure can lead to nasty side affects and conditions such as white finger. Because of the way they work, all oscillating power tools vibrate but how they manage this vibration is what sets them apart

    FEIN’s unique anti-vibration technology decouples the motor from the housing of the tool and transfers up to 70 per cent less vibration to the user’s hand than previous models. The technology is so effective that the new tools achieve vibration class zero in virtually all applications meaning they can be used continuously for eight hours without the need to rest because of health and safety concerns.

    In addition, FEIN’s new range of oscillating tools feature a new and patented press-fit tool mounting system developed in collaboration with Bosch called Starlock. As a result, accessories for the FEIN MultiTalent, MultiMaster and SuperCut can be changed in less than three seconds. What’s more, they also achieve increased work progress, reliability and precision when combined with the new Starlock accessories.

    Central to this improved performance is the greater power transfer between machine and accessory, which the Starlock mounting system makes possible. Its recessed, three-dimensional fitting provides a perfect bind and as a result, the new FEIN oscillators deliver up to 45 per cent more work progress than their predecessor models. What’s more, when Starlock accessories are used on previous models of FEIN oscillators, work progress can be increased by 25 per cent. Importantly, Starlock accessories are compatible with most oscillating tools on the market (FEIN, Bosch and other manufacturers with a twelve-point mounting).

    All of FEIN’s new oscillating machines deliver the best work progress on the market for their performance classes and are available in 250W (MultiTalent), 350W (MultiMaster) and 450W (SuperCut) power levels. In addition, the cordless 12V MultiTalent and 18V MultiMaster and SuperCut power tools are just as powerful as the corresponding mains-powered models.

    The 450W FEIN SuperCut Construction FSC 500 QSL is the most powerful oscillating power tool in the world and prices

    FEIN has almost 50 years of experience in the development of oscillating power tools and offers the largest range of accessories (over 100) on the market – many of which are patented and are only available from FEIN.

    To find your nearest dealer or to find out more information about FEIN, please visit www.fein-uk.co.uk

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