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    Paint the pavement pastel with retro inspired grit bins from Wybone

    One of the original grit bin manufacturers – Wybone – has taken a design that has served the market for 50 years and introduced a retro colour range to brighten streets and landscapes across the UK. Available in four pastel shades, including Off White, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green and Light Grey; this new heritage style range offers a splash of colour allowing grit bins to look more like a feature piece than a functional salt storage unit.

    As part of a new heritage style range, Wybone have introduced Retro Grit Bins in four classic pastel shades. Scrupulously designed to offer strength and style to suit any environment.

    Each unit is manufactured from a special mix of glass reinforced plastic, offering a level of durability that cannot be found in cheaper plastic units. The nature of the glass reinforced plastic ensures that the salt and adverse weather will not corrode the unit, so it will maintain its shiny exterior throughout its lifetime. The single-skin material is easy to clean and ideally suited for grit, sand or salt storage.

    Choose from Off White, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green and Light Grey; our new grit bins look at home in market towns, floral landscapes or even your own back garden. The pastel shades add a splash of colour to their surroundings, and allow the grit bins to look more like a feature piece than a functional salt storage unit.

    Our Retro Grit Bins are UV stabilised to ensure no discolouration or deterioration through long-term exposure to the elements, meaning they can remain in-situ all year round. As we are uniquely placed to offer a bespoke service, we are able to accommodate custom requests such as branding colours and larger or smaller sizes.

    Our Retro Grit Bins are designed with a sloped lid to deter littering and prevent heavy snow and ice accumulating on top of the unit. Fitted with stainless steel hinges to allow the front opening door to be completely lifted and reclined on the top, this makes filling and emptying the unit a simple task.

    From concept to completion, 97% of our products are handmade at our headquarters in Barnsley, and given that extra special Wybone TLC. We only work with the very best materials, which is why we source the paint used on our grit bins from manufacturers who are environmentally friendly and striving to minimise waste; complying with all relevant environmental regulations. BSI Standards are very important to us, and we believe they show our commitment to quality.

    As we like to think outside the box, we’re even encouraging our customers to use their grit bins for storage and display! These Retro units are great for log storage, planting flowers, growing potatoes or even as a drinks cooler. What will you do with yours?

    To receive a formal quotation or to find out more, please call 01226 352333 or email hello@wybone.co.uk

    You can take a look at the range at www.wybone.co.uk/retro or follow our Pinterest page for more ideas of how to repurpose your grit bins.

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