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    Citizen chooses iDrive® centralised LED driver solution for its HQ in Japan

    The “Light is Time” installation in the headquarters of Citizen Watch Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a stunning example of the fusion of innovative technology and design. The project is the latest in a series of “Light is Time” installations designed to explore the relationship between light and time, which are a result of the collaboration between the Citizen Watch design team and Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane (DGT).

    Suspended beneath the 3000K downlights are strings of 19,266 golden Citizen watch plates (the basic components of a watch), creating a stunning and magical space in which the watch plates generate a veil of light, reflecting golden light throughout the atrium.

    Due to the potential installation and maintenance headache posed by installing LED drivers in such a high atrium, the client wanted an alternative to installing single channel LED drivers within the ceiling and sought a LED driver solution capable of powering multiple downlights from an easily accessible, remote location.  IST’s partner in Japan, Stellasia Led Co Ltd, provided technical lighting support and offered advice about the best LED driver option for efficiently powering the downlights, without compromising the design in any way.


    Stellasia Led Co. Ltd supported the client in determining the best location for the LED drivers, the type of LED drivers and the optimum number of drivers to control the downlights.  After considering several options, Stellasia opted for the iDrive® White Knight 36, a 36 channel, 1U 1000W LED driver and DMX controller. This LED driver was considered the best option to meet the client’s brief because:

    • The centralised LED driver concept simplifies installation and commissioning significantly, as the drivers are designed to be installed in IT racks in accessible ground-level, air conditioned areas.
    • The iDrive® White Knight 36 enables up to 36 luminaires to be powered from one LED driver, which drastically cuts down on high voltage wiring, installation and commissioning costs.
    • Powering the luminaires remotely avoids the headache of having to install single channel LED drivers within narrow ceiling spaces and the potential thermal issues associated with this.
    • Centralised LED drivers can easily be replaced, fitted or recommissioned without needing expensive equipment or specialist personnel to reach them, thus significantly reducing maintenance costs post sign-off.
    • Installing the White Knight 36 at ambient temperature at ground level helps prolong the life of the LED driver.
    • The driver is Ethernet-enabled, allowing the implementation of advanced control schemes.
    • The programmable output voltages allow for compensation of any voltage drop across cables, depending on the distance between the luminaires and LED drivers (up to 200m).
    • The patented technology within the White Knight 36 generates exceptionally smooth, flicker-free dimming using standard 8-bit DMX control, enabling flicker-free and step-less dimming at very low intensity levels.

    Citizen Watch Manufacturing HQ is a superb example of practical LED lighting technology combining with art to create a stunning scene within an otherwise traditional office space.

    Pioneers of Centralised LED Power Solutions

    IST Ltd is consistently pushing the boundaries of LED driver technology and has been pioneering smart, centralised LED drivers since 2010. The unique features and functionality of the iDrive® centralised LED driver range, in addition to its energy, cost and maintenance saving potential, is the reason why iDrive® centralised LED drivers have been specified for projects in many of the world’s most prestigious venues for the past 7 years.

    Other site references include the United Tower, Kuwait; Victoria Gate Shopping Centre, Leeds; Tate Modern, London; Eiffel Tower, Paris; Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham; Royal Swedish Opera House; Vienna International Centre; Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, and many more.

    iDrive® centralised LED drivers provide the best power solution for an increasingly smart, connected world.  The range supports multiple dimming protocols (DALI, DMX, Art-Net, etc.) and includes constant current and constant voltage variants. Designed with the future in mind, the range now boasts LiFi-compatibility and a viable alternative to PoE, which is readily available today!

    Do not hesitate to contact the team via email at sales@istl.com to understand more about the advantages of centralised LED drivers over single channel alternatives, or to request a PDF of our case studies.

    Citizen HQ Project Details:

    Client: Citizen Watch Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    Location: Saku, Nagano, Japan
    Installation Design: Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane
    Architect: Tsuyoshi Tane
    Lighting, Sound, Construction Management: Yutaka Endo, LUFTZUG
    Lighting Technical Support: STELLASIA LED Co., Ltd
    Manufacturing Production Support: Waki Process Inc. Kazuhiro Sio

    * Photo Courtesy LUFTZUG, Yutaka Endo*