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    Chris Watts Lighting Design

    Considering lighting during the design stage of a new property or building’s creation is critical. Good lighting requires good design and shouldn’t be an afterthought – getting it wrong can be costly. 

    Chris Watts is passionate about lighting and believes that spaces come alive with a well thought-out design. Every design that Chris produces is totally unique. Great lighting creates inspiring spaces and each space is thoroughly understood, right through to end use – asking questions such as: When will it be used? Who will be using it? What is needed from it?

    The key role of a lighting designer is to work alongside the architect and design team, ensuring that the building is seen in the right light – maximising the visual potential and bringing it to life.

    With the advantage of not being associated with any particular manufacturer, the most appropriate product for cost and function will always be recommended, regardless of supplier. A budget will be agreed at the outset and Chris will help your project stay within it.

    Sustainability and green credentials are increasingly important and Chris is committed to ensuring that all his designs consider environmental issues – using green technology wherever possible.

    Drawing on over thirty years’ experience in the lighting industry, each and every design produced complements the architecture of a space – transforming environments through mood and atmosphere. However, most importantly of all, Chris ensures that the practical needs of the client are met.

    Are you exploring the idea of a new build or renovation? It’s never too early to consider lighting. Get in touch to discuss how planning a scheme properly can be an illuminating experience, that helps make all the difference.


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