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    Established in 1979, Taplanes® is the oldest manufacturer of shower cubicles and ensuite pods in the UK.

    Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Taplanes® reputation is founded upon a unique product that is continually supplied to the most reputable educational institutions and commercial organisations in the UK.

    Customisable through a wide range of bespoke options, including a newly expanded range of colours and easily installed thanks to their sectional design, Taplanes® can provide showering solutions for any project.

    This flexibility is backed up by an excellent build quality using Taplanes® specially formulated polypropylene and patented welding technology, resulting in both a durable and easy to maintain product that is leak free and guaranteed for an industry leading 25 years.

    Tel: 01423 771 645 Email: info@taplanes.co.uk www.taplanes.co.uk