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    The Betsy Paint Mate

    The Betsy Paint Mate itself has been causing a stir in the DIY world.

    It was created after Steeve himself had an accident on a ladder. The fall, which could have left him permanently, disabled.

    Steeve has an established building company and Emma runs a successful interior design company.

    After the fall they put their heads together to devise a way to help reduce the risk to people decorating their homes, when climbing the ladder with paint and brush.

    The solution was to find a way to balance safely with one hand on the ladder whilst still being able to paint with the other. After searching in several merchants, DIY chains and on the Internet, it soon became apparent that such a tool for decorators was not available.

    Emma said: “After a few sketches and tweaks we came up with what we think is the ideal solution. She went on to say: “Statistics show that 57 per cent of ladder accidents occur when the victim is holding an object in one or both hands while climbing a ladder. Around 9 of these falls a year are fatal.

    “The Betsy Paint Mate removes the temptation for anyone painting high-up, to climb the ladder while holding a tin and brush”

    The Betsy Paint Mate is a simple idea, which has been tried and tested, is already making painting safer and easier and possibly preventing serious injuries.

    Recently the decorating school at The Bournemouth and Poole College took delivery of a free batch of the Betsy Paint Mates.

    Lord James Scott Oliver, course lecturer at the college, said his students were all impressed by its simplicity and how practical it is and how it gives them more confidence painting at height. “It’s a fabulous idea and one that works,” he said.

    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable belt from 22 inch to 44 inch
    • Safe & easy painting
    • Replacement paint pots with lids

    The Betsy Paint Mat is the latest invention for painters and decorators. It is the perfect solution for those accidental, messy paint splashes in every day painting.

    The Betsy Paint Mats are waterproof, wipe able and lightweight handy sheets which are compact enough to take anywhere.

    Made of a mix of plastic to make sure they are fully flexible and easy to clean. The Betsy Paint Mats come in sets of 2, one large mat 1000mm x 780mm and one smaller mat 820mm x 500mm. The smaller paint mat comes with a handle on the side so it is easy to pull along the floor wherever you are painting. It is perfect for painting the skirting and touch ups and the larger mat is ideal for storing all painting materials in one place whilst protecting the surface below.

    The mats prevent spillages onto the floor and are thin enough to slide under doors or to sit flush up against walls.

    • Water proof
    • Easy to clean
    • pack of 2 different sizes
    • Lightweight
    • Reusable

    CLICK HERE to view Website

    Betsy Paint Mate and Betsy Paint Mat: £14.99 each

    Replacement pots: Set of 3 £5.99

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