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    MOSSwall® is the original and authentic, preserved moss system that is not only 100% maintenance free, Class 0 Fire Rated but also carries with it, acoustic certification to verify 40% sound absorption.

    The system provides various solutions in terms of use, allowing for wall, ceiling or freestanding units and each option allows for a choice of 22 colours within the range.

    There are several panel types, which one depends upon your use. For instance, the MW01 panel measures 600 x 400 x 50mm and comprises a steel, lipped panel into which the moss is adhered using a non-toxic glue. With pre-made fixing holes in each corner the MW01 can be fixed to the wall with screws.

    The MW02 panel also measuring the same size as it’s cousin, however this one is made up from 24nr 100mm, lipped squares. It’s design composition allows for rows, columns or individual sections to be removed using tin snips and used as infill for non-standard wall dimensions.

    The final panel type is flexiMOSS®; again, measuring 600 x 400 x 50mm the difference being it’s backing being totally flexible. Perfect for steep curves, unusual shapes or for simply cutting to size on site. Fixing is by staples or glue meaning that this panel type really does live up to its name.

    The MOSSwall® system was created, in 2008 and patented in 2009 by Stefano Laprocina, CEO of Verde Profilo, a Milan based company whom specialise in green solutions. The concept behind MOSSwall® was to harness one of nature’s finest crops and create a beautiful yet functional product. This has been achieved by continuous research and development as well as substantial investment which has resulted in a commercial viable solution.

    Mosswall UK Ltd are the exclusive distributors, finding success with prestigious clients seeking to utilise the beauty and functionality of this completely maintenance free system.

    They will be furthering company and brand awareness at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week having been chosen to present the range within the Design Fields area of the Fair. So why not come along to see MOSSwall® up close and personal, while discussing how you can incorporate this wonderful product to your next project.

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