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    Globally Proven Exterior Cladding Systems

    The explosive increase in popularity of adhered stone cladding has created a need for higher performance, factory produced materials to assure a consistently high quality installation. Up to now, the adhered stone cladding has required the use of a site mixed Type S or Type N mortar. Materials that are subject to large variations in consistency, quality and performance and which also limit how the stone cladding is fixed, to that of traditional masonry. Projects that have been plagued by delaminating stone, water intrusion and other performance issues have left specifiers in need of a coordinated solution. This traditional method is not engineered as part of a complete wall system and therefore does not offer warranties from a reliable source willing to stand behind the installation.

    The Solution

    Realising these needs, and based on our globally proven technology, LATICRETE® has developed an installation system that provides a permanent, high strength solution that is freeze/thaw stable and protected from water intrusion. Backed by the LATICRETE® 25 Year System Warranty, the LATICRETE® system allows for increased productivity utilising either traditional masonry veneer fixing methods or the ‘tile fitters’ method. Help and support is offered to designers, contractors and installers to help understand the range of possible applications and appropriate products and methods which will assure long-term performance on projects of all types.

    For over 60 years, LATICRETE® has led the industry with pioneering advancements, developing high-performance building materials for architects and construction professionals worldwide. From time-tested to ground-breaking, our broad product portfolio provides superior quality and value. We are fully committed to innovation, growth and a complete system component approach. The LATICRETE® system keeps up with the increasing popularity of adhered stone cladding. Trust your installations to a complete productivity-boosting system designed to deliver superior, long-term performance on masonry projects of all types including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Unlike traditional methods and materials, the LATICRETE® system is engineered to provide a permanent, high-strength installation that uses a revolutionary waterproofing membrane to protect against weather and water intrusion, and provide freeze/ thaw stability. The system is designed for thin-brick, manufactured stone and natural stone cladding for interior and exterior applications.  LATICRETE® industry-leading products provide complete system solutions from the substrate up through the grout for virtually any type of tile or stone installation in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Product categories include surface preparation, waterproofing, adhesives & grouts, all designed to work together, providing a comprehensive installation.

    Stone Cladding Installation – Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS)

    For external stone cladding installations, the LATICRETE® system begins with a two coat application of MVIS Air & Water Barrier;

    LATICRETE® MVIS Air & Water Barrier is a single component, load bearing, vapour permeable, liquid waterproofing and crack isolation membrane. It produces a seamless, monolithic elastomeric coating and bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates. Note if a levelling render is required prior to the application of MVIS Air & Water Barrier, LATICRETE® 3701 Fortified Mortar is applied first and allowed to dry.

    The background substrate is now suitably prepared to receive the adhered stone cladding, for this the appropriate LATICRETE® MVIS adhesive is chosen.

    LATICRETE® MVIS adhesives are the ultimate, polymer fortified, adhesives for interior and exterior installation of adhered masonry veneer, stone, ceramic tile, pavers or thin brick. The MVIS adhesives mix easily with water and are formulated to achieve unsurpassed workability and adhesion. LATICRETE® MVIS adhesives are available in rapid or standard set, to suit site conditions and the needs of the installer.

    If a pointing mortar or ‘grout’ is required for the installation, LATICRETE® Permacolour can be used. Formulated from a blend of high strength Portland cement, graded aggregates, and colour-fast pigments, it is designed to be mixed with water only and produces a joint that is dense, hard and durable

    For internal stone cladding installations LATICRETE adhesive have been tested and approved for use with all the major building board companies one being Hardie who quote;

    Regarding Laticrete – I have tested their adhesive product in conjunction with our fibre cement tile backing products and found its bond to be considerably stronger than that of regular high quality tile adhesives. It is the only adhesive that we are comfortable with at this time for bonding Norstone to our boards.

    Steve Twin
    European Technical Director

    James Hardie Building Products Ltd

    LATICRETE® in the UK offer Technical & Site Support to Architects, Designers and contractors on all aspects of stone cladding installations and have been working closely with a number of stone cladding suppliers, one of them being Norstone UK whose cladding systems are used worldwide quote;

    “Laticrete has proved to be an invaluable partner to Norstone UK by providing unique warranties for our premium natural stone products. As we deal mainly with architects, often on very substantial and prestigious projects, it is essential for all parties to have complete peace of mind and we have every confidence in Laticrete’s superb adhesives and unrivalled technical expertise. We strongly recommend Laticrete to all our clients. 

    Our partnership with Laticrete has allowed us to not only produce bespoke systems for numerous challenging installations but also to provide dual warranties. We now provide a 25 year system warranty for Norstone on brick, block or concrete using MVIS Air & Water Barrier in conjunction with the appropriate MVIS adhesive or a standard 10 year warranty when only the MVIS adhesive is used. We also provide a 10 year dual warranty with James Hardie and Laticrete on internal installations for Norstone affixed with Laticrete on Hardie Backerboard.  Norstone is unique in this respect and we continue to work closely together to develop new solutions and systems.  

    As Norstone is a 100% natural stone product weighing approximately 65kg per m² we were delighted when rigorous testing by Laticrete allowed us to specify and warranty aerated blockwork, giving another cost-saving option to developers. Needless to say, it also meets stringent U-value requirements.

    It seems no challenge is beyond Laticrete and we are delighted to work so closely with them – it gives us and, more importantly, our clients complete confidence, peace of mind and above all – a perfect installation.”

    Jack Jago


    Norstone UK