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    French entrepreneur Hélène Parisot launches in the UK

    French entrepreneur Hélène Parisot launches in the UK A Sprinkle of Deco and Art,  to help brands improve visual merchandising and to provide customers with access to exceptionally talented French craftsmen.

    Hélène started her career in 2001 in visual merchandising, which is the art of decorating points of sales in order to increase the sales or to promote the brand.

    Further to her major experience in the luxury industry, she decided to add a further string to her bow and created her own company, A Sprinkle of Deco and Art. While continuing  to work as a freelance visual merchandising consultant (A Sprinkle of Deco), she had the idea of promoting in Britain exceptionally talented French craftsmen who are unique in their fields (A Sprinkle of Art).

    Hélène never forgot her first employer, the famous Illusion Flowers Designer Emilio Robba, who trusted her as a very young woman and helped her start her career in the United States. Through her company, she now aims to introduce his stunning artificial flower and plant arrangements to the British market, for customers who are looking for an elegant and bespoke decoration with a distinctive style.

    The world-known tapestry creator and manufacturing company Jules Pansu, also highlighted by A Sprinkle of Deco and Art, was founded in Paris in 1878 and still manufactures today at the original site in Halluin in the North of France. Twice winner of the very prestigious “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” award (Best Craftsman in France), they use their ancestral know-how to combine contemporary tastes with classical styles or to meet their clients demands in specific designs. The company Jules Pansu has also been granted the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) and they have the unique privilege of collaborating with the © Succession Picasso and Successió Miró, among others.

    Finally, A Sprinkle of Deco and Art is giving the upholsterer Claire M the opportunity of introducing her creations to the British customers. From her native region of Lorraine, this young woman specialises both in refurbishing and creating chairs, be it a classical style or a contemporary one– and this is where she can fully express herself – she applies traditional techniques from the Vosges but also explores more unusual fabrics and materials in her creations. She gives life to whole new pieces, each of them being a unique work of art.

    Last but not least, Hélène Parisot has just launched her online boutique, where professionals and individuals can now purchase high quality artistic decoration accessories designed by  Emilio Robba and Claire M.


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