The Stiltz Lift is an innovative and unique lift that is designed for the home from Stiltz – The Home Lift Company. With more people looking to install domestic lifts in their houses, the Stiltz Lift is the perfect addition to any home for architects, house builders, building contractors, interior designers and property developers designing or building homes.

The through floor lifts do not use hydraulics or require load bearing walls and can fitted within a day and require minimal building work.

Stiltz’s home lifts range consists of three different types of lift including the Duo Lift, the premium Vista Lift and Trio Lift – Stiltz’s wheelchair lifts.

The lifts are ‘real’ through floor lifts and use an intelligent dual rail system which creates a self-supporting structure with the weight of the lift carried in compression through the rails and into the floor of the home. It is powered by a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system that plugs straight into a normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance.

Due to its size, drive mechanism and dual rail supports, the lifts can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. This is also because the home lifts’ footprint measures just 0.62m2 (based on the entry-level Duo Lift) and its rectangle shape. The Trio wheelchair lifts are based on the Duo Lift model but with a deeper footprint and wider opening.

Stiltz lifts can only travel to one floor (multiple lifts can be fitted between floors), and include a number of safety features such as weight and out of balance sensors, and come with different interior and exterior colour finishes options.

The lifts also comply with all relevant European standards with no full planning permission required and government grants available. For further information visit: http://www.stiltz.co.uk/