Traditional timber windows and doors

The Sash Window Workshop offer a range of window and door services including: new timber windows and doors; new sashes into existing frames; draught sealing and refurbishment; secondary glazing; Bi-Glass – a re-glazing and double glazing service; and minor repairs.

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Imagine a 10-metre-wide 2-panel door with 99% glass view and 1% frame in your sightline.

You’ve seen the growing demand for new builds and extensions that are flooded with natural daylight and  blur the divide between home and garden.

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SMART GLASS HAS GONE WIRELESS …….SONTE UK Smart Glass & Film specialise in switchable film installations

The technology known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film is based on LCD crystals sandwiched between layers of PET plastic film. When a current is applied to the film the crystals are aligned in the same direction and thus allow light to pass through but when switched off the crystals are misaligned with each other preventing light to pass through and thus the film becomes opaque.

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Viero turns 50 and celebrates with a contest for the best project

Viero, the leading Italian company in decorative paints and plasters, turns 50 and wants to celebrate materials and colours elevated to art in its various interpretations by rewarding the best two projects with decorative paints with a fantastic holiday in Tuscany, Italy! Discover more and participate by clicking here!

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We’re frequently asked what are the benefits of a loft conversion or extension ?

Our founder, David Gage firmly believes that to get more from your investments, you need to invest in something that you love a lot – and as a nation of homeowners, the answer often lies in our property.

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Infinity Solo condensing low NOX water heater is the first Rinnai product for the UK that combines the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless-steel storage cylinder in one compact footprint.

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Wybone bring contemporary designs to rubbish collection

Putting the finishing touches on a new project can be the difference between a nice area and a great space. With an internal design department, we’re uniquely placed to manufacture the perfect bins for any location.

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We are with you from design to installation.

A leading manufacturer of spiral, helical, and bespoke stairs in the UK, offering the most extensive range of designs and materials on the market since 1985.

Following a recent feature in Channel 4’s Grand Design television programme, the recent orders recognise the enormous diversity Spiral UK offer in staircase manufacturing, providing anything from luxury staircases for multi-million pound apartments to a major contract with the MOD.

Being allocated a dedicated designer, and committed site team we can bring together materials to create a unique, bespoke stair that produces the “wow” factor our clients seek.

We combine state of the art 3D CAD and CNC manufacturing systems with highly skilled craftsmen specialising in glass, stainless steel, stone, and wood, to produce a stunning ra...

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Furniture Making in Birmingham: Alive & Kicking

It’s not very often that you hear of successful manufacturing businesses these days, but Rigg certainly fit this description.

Based in Kings Norton, Birmingham, Rigg makes all manner of stylish products for contract businesses and discerning private clients across the UK and abroad. 

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Rinnai’s latest innovation in the energy efficient fast delivery of instantly useable hot water is the Infinity Solo Re-Circulator water heater.

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New Build and Airspace Projects

As a Kingspan TEK supply partner primarily building with Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) we offer the more traditional onsite build, however we are unique in that we have the capability to build truly offsite in a factory environment offering exceptional quality and a speedy installation particularly when built modularly.

Building onto existing structures into ‘airspace’ is our niche market and where our lightweight system really does ‘come into its own,’ whether you are adding a storey to a bungalow or additional storeys onto a block then please get in touch.

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CRL shines the spotlight on an eco-timber house in Aberdeenshire

CRL is delighted to announce that “Heartwood” in Aboyne has been selected as being truly venturous of spirit.

The energy efficient eco timber house is one of three winners selected to take part in CRL’s Venturous Builds campaign – an inspiring new web series, presented by Wayne Hemingway, shining the spotlight on self builders.

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Riddwood Consulting Engineers

For over 37 years Riddwood have been working with homeowners and developers to bring their Architect’s design to life. Our ingenuity can help deliver even the most ambitious project on time and on budget

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Maximise Your Space & Your Furniture:

JPA Furniture work with commercial companies and government organisations to maximise ever tightening budgets, furniture and space in working, learning and living environments

“Improving our Clients’ financial, environmental and CSR performance in relation to their furniture and space is at the heart of what we do” says Graham Pulsford, Managing Director.

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Dart Valley Systems

Dart Valley Systems are leading manufacturers of innovative no-touch water saving and hand hygiene products…

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